Station Sustainability Report Project

The Station Sustainability Report Project was intended to help Station to identify potential improvements in terms of sustainable practices. This first Sustainability report provided falcons with the opportunity to develop a strategic plan for creating the sustainability report, encompassing brainstorming, planning, data collection, analysis, report shaping, and final presentation.

With a multidisciplinary skilled team and different takes in sustainability, the possibilities were broad when shaping a report, with the ultimate objective of presenting the findings to Station. The final report serves as a physical document summarising Station's sustainability efforts for the past time, highlighting key initiatives, progress made, and areas for improvement. This project not only provided students with practical experience but also equipped Station with an essential tool to communicate its sustainability achievements to stakeholders and set new sustainability goals moving forward.

With time, the Station Sustainability Report can become a recurrent project that will support Station in its development, helping with facing challenges and inspiring its community.

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